Become A Wee Ones Ambassador

 Welcome to our ambassador sign-up page! Ambassadors are hand chosen by us and we involve them in our campaigns, sending bows out every month (FREE) in exchange for Lifestyle photos of the child wearing the bows and tagging Wee Ones allowing us to use them in all our media. We have online social media, retailer catalogs, showrooms, email, and things like that we use the images for. Ambassadors post their affiliate link for the 10% discount offer to viewers and of course it turns to 10% commission for them. When we send the bows out to be photographed, we assign the ones you are receiving so when you list it options will populate to select connecting shoppers directly to the specific product for purchase. You can always add the affiliate link to your past posts if you like  for the discount and commission benefits.
Thanks for signing up! Please note the below:
Just applying does not mean you are accepted. You will hear from someone from our marketing team very soon!
You may also be interested in our affiliate program. 

The affiliate program involves signing up to get a link that you post with your pictures for people to click on to purchase giving them a 10% off and you receive a 10% commission on the sales (less taxes and shipping). We don’t really communicate with you about what to post, it’s just you posting Wee Ones bows you have or purchase. The program is FREE. You can sign up for our Affiliate Program here!

If you have any questions, please contact us at