Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Wee Ones LLC

13601 Lakefront Drive

Earth City, MO  63045

Toll Free: (800) 258-9996 | Phone: (314) 400-6710 | Fax: (314) 400-6711

E-mail: info@weeones.com  |  Website: www.weeones.com


The following Terms & Conditions apply to both Wee Ones® and Sublime Designs™ brand products.


1. First time customers require a completed application and must reach our opening order minimum of $150.
2. New Account Application must list all retail and website locations where the customer intends to sell Wee Ones products.
3. All locations must be approved by the local territory sales representative and Wee Ones management.  Wee Ones reserves the right to refuse to sell any retailer at our sole discretion.
4. After an account is established, any ownership changes, new locations or new/additional websites must be communicated and approved before subsequent orders are accepted.
5. Accounts buying less than $2,500 per year on Wee Ones, or less than $1,000 per year on Sublime Designs, are subject to closure and will be removed from our web store locator.


1. Orders may be placed in the following ways:
2. Via our retailer website (www.retail.weeones.com)
3. Via fax to (314) 400-6711
4. Via phone to (314) 400-6710 or (800) 258-9996
5. Via email toinfo@weeones.com
6. Via your local Wee Ones or Sublime Designs sales representative
7. Orders must meet the required $150 minimum,per order type(In-Stock or Custom)
8. Orders must be submitted completely, including full shipping address and complete payment information.


1. Wee Ones sends invoices via email only.  Please add invoice@weeones.com to your contacts to assure delivery.
2. Wee Ones accepts MasterCard®, Visa®, Discover® and American Express® cards.  Credit card is normally charged on the day of shipment.
3. Full credit card details must be submittedwith the orderunless a credit card is on file from a previous order.  Failure to provide credit card information with the order will delay order entry and shipment.
4. For customers with qualifying credit, Net 30 terms may be extended.  Customers must apply for Net 30 terms by submitting a credit sheet or completing our Credit Application.
5. For customers outside the US, prepayment by wire transfer is required.


1. All orders ship FOB Brownsville, TX by UPS Ground, unless other shipping arrangements are made.
2. Shipping lead times depend upon thetype of orderplaced.
3. In-Stock orders typically ship within three business days.
4. Custom orders typically ship within three weeks of order submission, unless a future delivery date is requested.
5. We do not drop ship to individual consumers.


1. Backorders $25.00 or above are shipped at our expense, if available, within two weeks of the original order ship date.
2. Backorders below $25.00, or unavailable to ship within two weeks are automatically cancelled.


1. All products are custom made for your order.  Therefore, Wee Ones cannot accept cancellations or unauthorized returns.
2. Full credit will be given for defective or incorrectly produced merchandise, subject to review by Wee Ones.
3. Any such claim must be made by email toinfo@weeones.com within 10 days of receipt of goods.
4. All such returns must have a Return Authorization (RA) Number supplied by our customer service department.
5. All sales are FINAL. We do not accept returns for unsold goods.


1. All items must be priced at least double the wholesale cost published in our catalog and/or website.
2. No customer may sell or auction Wee Ones merchandise on any social media platform or auction-type site, such as Facebook, Instagram, or eBay.
3. Sales via third party marketplaces such as Etsy, Amazon.com or Walmart.com are not allowed without express written permission granted prior to listing on these sites.  Any such sales, if approved, are subject to the same pricing requirements as brick-and-mortar retailers.


1. Wee Ones brands and logos are trademarked, and all Wee Ones brochures, images and catalogs are copyrighted; any use thereof without express written authorization is strictly prohibited.
2. Photographs and/or images obtained from our website or other electronic or print publications may only be used with our written permission unless requirements for such permission are waived on a specific web page.


All terms and conditions are subject to change at any time, for any reason.