Cover Girl Spring 2024

As always our Cover Girl contest was very exciting this season! We had so many wonderful Wee Ones Girls participate! Our runners up were just darling! Why don't we meet them?

Cover Girl Finalist, Ella

Ella loves gymnastics, swimming, jumping on the trampoline, playing with American Girl dolls and going to the beach. When Ella wakes up she loves to have a bow in her hair. The bigger the better! She got a puppy for Christmas and the first thing she needed to buy for her new puppy was a variety of Wee Ones Bows. 

Cover Girl Finalist, Naveigh

Naveigh loves princesses, dance parties, and going to gymnastics! Her favorite color is pink. Any bow is her favorite bow- she won’t go a day without wearing one. She is such a little ham so working with the brand is so fun for her- “mommy take my picture” is something I hear from her so often! 

Cover Girl Finalists, Ella and Ava

Being twins, Ella and Ava share a special bond. Their hearts are equally joyful, and they truly care for all beings and people. It is Ava's nature to be tenderhearted, loving, adventurous, and brave. It is Ella's nature to nurture, to be kind, to be helpful, and to be curious. They love gymnastics and they are members of their local Girls Scout troop. Their ears were pierced this year, they learned to swim over the summer, and they love to play outside, ride bicycles, and play with Winston, their Goldendoodle. The girls love all things girly, play makeup, fixing their hair, getting dressed up, and wearing beautiful bows and accessories! Since the girls were born, Wee Ones Bows has been a staple in our household. They rarely go without their bows, and we have a variety of colors and styles to match their everyday and seasonal attire. Among their favorite bows are the WeeSplash colored vinyl bows, the classic Moonstitch and princess grosgrain bows, and the classic grosgrain wrapped headbands.

Cover Girl Winner, Lynleigh

Lynleigh is such a performer! Singing, dancing, tumbling, gymnastics- you name it she loves it! Very outgoing. A huge fan of princesses- I would say the princess bows and whimsy tail bows are her favorite for sure. Favorite color is blue. 





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