Tots with the Trendiest Hair 'dos! Who said Toddlers can't be Stylish?

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Tots with the Trendiest Hair 'dos! Who said Toddlers can't be Stylish?

"My Little Princess Is Ready To Take On The World - And Look Cute Doing It"

Hair Bows & Hair Styles

In 2023, runway fashion shows surprised with the resurgence of hair bows as a preferred accessory not just for little girls but for adults.  Hair bows were seen in various styles, sizes and materials, adding a touch of whimsy and femininity to hair styles. Many styles sported multiple bows in a variety of ways that encourage the Iris Apfel statement “More is more and less is a bore.” Bows were integrated by designers into both informal and formal outfits, providing a variety of stylistic options. Hair bows functioned as statement pieces, bringing a playful and striking touch to the entire ensemble, whether they were worn with sleek updos, ponytails, or loose waves.

While the popularity of hair bows for women have fluctuated over time, girls have continued to use them as their go-to accessories from baby to high-school and college, where the bows turn into more cheerleading gameday selections.  The charm and innocence associated with hair bows have made them a staple in children’s fashion. Traditionally, hair bows, which were formerly reserved for special occasions, have withstood the ups and downs of numerous fashion fads to become today's "must have" finishing touch for an ensemble, letting young girls show their individuality and resulting in a timeless and whimsical aesthetic.

These beautiful accessories have exciting new patterns and colors that emerge with each passing season, providing the ideal fashion statement for brand-new Instagram photo possibilities, Christmas cards, gifts for family, and other occasions. This growth and display of the fashionista in these young ladies is symbolic of their development.

Here are several notable hair styles that can dramatically display these contemporary accessories, along with the advent of new patterns and colors on hair bows:


  1. Braided Ponytail: Brush hair up into a ponytail separating it into 3 equal parts, braiding the ponytail. Secure the ponytail with a small rubber band. Place a bold and vibrant bow at the top or the bottom of the ponytails or several tiny, wee, or mini bows all the way down the braid in solid colors or an Ombre pattern in the same or graduated bow sizes.
Little girls hairstyle & hairbows for summer and the beach
     Photo by @thewexlergirls
    1. Side Sweep with Curls: If your little one’s hair is curly this is an easy style. If you need to add some curls, use foam baby rollers to create some fantastic curls. Once curled run fingers through the hair to style and gather up one side into an eye-catching Wee Ones medium or king size princess bow.


    Video by @whitneyhansonlang 
    1. Messy Bun Ponytails: Part hair down the middle to create two equal sections of hair securing the ponytail with bands at the top. On the final wrap to secure the ponytail pull only halfway to three-quarters of the way through to create the bun.  If there is long hair still out wrap it around the base of the ponytail and tuck under rubber band. Add fanciful accent bows in a small to medium size to the top over each band.
    Little girls hairbows with summer pigtails


    Little girls pink hair bows for summer vacationPhoto by @what.charlotte.wears



    1. Sectioned Ponytails: This style is a little harder, but we have a video to help. Part the hair down the middle. Clip one of the sections over out of the way. Next take the loose ponytail and use a rattail comb to create a small front section securing that as a ponytail on top of the head with a band. Next move back and create another small section adding the first ponytails ends to it and band that at the head. Repeat down to the base of the neck and until all hair is in the final band. Repeat on the other side of the head with the other full section of hair. Once the sections are completed on each side pull the hair in each section up a little to create that loose look. Adding bright summery bows to each ponytail or to the last band of each ponytail will create a frisky touch.


    Video by @whitneyhansonlang 

    These stylish hair styles are adaptable to many hair lengths and textures.  You can easily provide girls with a method to exhibit their personality and give their clothing a final touch by putting hair bows into these fashions.  

    Hair bows with our unique hair styles give us an instinctive appeal that has always transcended fashion trends and will continue to do so, establishing them as a "must have accessory" for future generations. Due to their ability to inspire a sense of charm and vibrancy, they have evolved into a significant component in the development of pleasant and age-appropriate artistic expression for young girls.

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