Mom Life: Work, Life, Balance, Repeat...

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Mom Life: Work, Life, Balance, Repeat...

Moms: The Superheroes of the World Who Make it all Look Effortless          

Mom. If you look up the full meaning of mom on google it will tell you she is a female parent. Most moms around the world could argue not a lot of thought or research went into this definition.

While it is accurate, we can all shout the enormity of this name that women are automatically assigned when the stork lovingly bestows upon them a warm, wiggly newborn to nurture, feed and meet all their needs, is clearly lacking in that definition.

As mom accepts this marvelous gift, she must move into motion instantly building a relationship, trust and teaching this little one to communicate as well as navigate the ways of the world.

Moms to be have a grace period to get prepared, organized and nested before their special delivery arrives. All this careful preparation and planning quickly becomes undone for many moms at the arrival of this new little baby who requires so much attention and nourishment. Many people say all the planning and advice in the world could not have prepared them for the entrance of this robust bundle of joy and the enhanced balancing skills suddenly required to do to life.

For many new moms, they have a variation of the mom title, “working moms.” Although “working moms” might have a much needed parental leave to ease into their new life role, it too quickly ends and they are needed back at their employer. Getting themselves up and out the door now after sleepless nights and preparing another human for the day (who can be extremely unpredictable) can be taxing at the very least, leaving mom hurried, frazzled, exhausted, guilt-ridden and not sure what the priority is or which way to turn.

There is a Kenny Chesney song, "The Woman With You,” that gives a more vivid description of a “working mom.”


Let us look at our definition of mom now. Mom is a female parent, nurturer, caregiver, teacher, organizer, preparer, homemaker, housekeeper, cook, provider and she has a job title. We are seeing it is not possible for mom to have a single purpose, goal, or personality. She is multi-talented, multi-dimensional and holds many jobs inside and outside the home.

As her young one grows and begins to talk and walk, she will hear “MOM” which brings a whole new flood of meanings assigning her even more roles. That one-word yell can require mom to jump into action as a playmate, problem solver, doctor, discipliner, fixer, encyclopedia and all-around helper. Mom is without a doubt getting terribly busy and she is no doubt in the trenches of life.

Now comes baby number two and mom must hit repeat, become a ringmaster with a 50-gallon drum of glue to stay composed and hold everything together. Mom is adding increasingly to her definition now, she is the referee, psychologist, taxi driver, crafter and it goes on and on.

Jocelyn Green, Wee Ones Brand Ambassador and mom of two Wee Ones Girls, gives us a mom’s internal perspective on all these roles and how she copes.

"I adore being a Wee Ones mom to my two precious girls and I am so thankful the good Lord saw a fit for me to be a girl, Mama," Green proudly explains.

She goes on to say, "However, trying to stay focused, giving my full attention to every segment of my life has been a learning curve as well as an internal battle. I know I am not alone as a mom doing all these things. A conversation on work life balance is so applicable to my life now.  I just re-entered the workforce in January this year. I am working part-time to ease back into things and have taken Addington, my youngest, to a part-time day-care program. I truly struggle with knowing whether I am making the right choice in this season of my life. I love being a Mama and being home with my babies, but I also know that there is a fulfillment in having a life outside of the home. I will say, I believe my most important work is the family I raise. They are a testament to my faith and my love for them. 

I think as Mama's we need to be less harsh in our own judgment of ourselves and know that we are truly doing the best we can to raise these tiny humans. I am thankful for the opportunity to love them and train them up so that they will go forth and do remarkable things! I believe that as Mamas to girls, we have a huge responsibility in raising them to be the fearless leaders they can be and one day, wonderful wives and Mama's to their littles. For now, I will keep putting them in precious clothes and the most adorable Wee Ones Bows."

How do moms do it? Where do the energy and resources come from? It is the secret of the universe. Super woman does not begin to define this amazing innate woman.

Our much broader, but still weak, definition of mom could easily be one who does all, knows all, and gives all with unconditional love and without a thought or remorse of all she has sacrificed for the good of her family and others.

It is not adequate, but it is a start.


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