The Month of the Military Child

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The Month of the Military Child

Written by Devon Murnane, Wee Ones Brand Ambassador and Military Mom

Hi! I'm Devon, best known as Tilly Grace's mama! I'm a proud military wife to Dan, a United States Air Force Pilot. He flies the C-17 Globemaster III (in a child's eyes, a very, very, very large plane). I grew up an Army brat (a term used to describe a military child) and moved 20+ times all over the world! Although I was blessed to live in unique places like Osan, South Korea and adorable towns like Bamburg, Germany, moving almost every year had its hardships.

“Military kids say goodbye more often in their first few years than some people do in a lifetime.”

When I was born, my dad left a a day later to serve in Desert Storm. He returned 13 months later. He missed the first year of my life, along with many Christmases, Graduations and more.

Tilly Grace is lucky that so far, when her daddy has left on overseas trips, he’s been gone for only one week to two weeks at a time. However, that is not the case with many military children all over the world. Every day, there are military kids who say goodbye to their mom or dad and go through months to a year without seeing them. Missed first words, missed games, missed recitals, missed birthdays, holidays and more. I remember when Tilly laughed for the first time, all I wanted was to share that moment with Dan, but he was gone.

Coming from a long line of military service members, my dad, grandfather, great grandfathers and great-great grandfathers and now my husband.. I’ve always been so proud to be an American and even more proud of our military. I have been surrounded by family members and friends who are a part of something greater than themselves. I challenge you, if you don’t already, to thank a service member anytime you see one. It goes a long way, and is a small gesture for a very large sacrifice. This month, however, if you happen to know a military child… I ask you to give them a hug, or simply say thank you.

"Many times, we forget how much these children endure, because they are some of the most resilient and strongest kids you will ever meet."

Each year, April is deemed as a military child appreciation month. This year, 2023 Wee Ones is showing its support for our military kids with bow donations to 20 moms at base and unit.

In addition, 10% of all proceeds from the sales of our Americana Bow Collection at during April will be donated to the charity, Our Military Kids.


Our Military Kids charity recognizes the sacrifice of children deployed National Guard, deployed Reserve, or post 9/11 combat-injured service members.

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